10 Reasons Why Squash is Best for Fitness

Why Squash is Best for Fitness

Many times when we look at something then we find that to be very easy, just like a child game. But when we get into the thing then we realize that it is not so easy to do the task. Squash is one of such sports that seems to be easy but not in reality. There are several reasons which make it the best game for attaining fitness.

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Why Squash is Best for Fitness?

  • Coordination between hand and eye – This is a game of great coordination between the eyes and hand. The eyes will be on the ball and hand moves along. So, before the ball is coming towards a player, the hand should get an idea from where to hit.
  • Makes one active – This game is not for the lazy one and does not want to move for doing anything. In this player needs to be active and move a lot while playing it. With the time, a person playing it becomes super active.
  • Makes mind sharp – There are different parts of the body which are working in it and to make them coordinate activates the mind. With that, the player needs to think of the next move against the opponent for winning the game.
  • Takes the stress out from body – Now most of the jobs are sitting jobs which makes a person lethargic as well as create stress in the body. When one starts playing this game then one relieves that stress and become super active for doing anything.
  • Improves metabolism – This is the game in which there is a lot of movement so, one keeps on doing a lot of movement. When a body moves then there is a loss in calories which regulates the metabolism of the body.
  • Reduce ageing – When we keep on using the machine then it will keep on working. The day when we stop using it, the machine stops working. Similarly, with the body when we stop using it then, it will start having problems. In squash, there is a movement of every part of the body which reduces the ageing process.
  • Makes flexible – All the parts of the body moves while playing, so there remains flexibility in all parts of the body. If suddenly any task comes which involve stress for any particular body part then a squash player would feel flexible in doing so.
  • Improve cardiovascular health – There is a lot of activity involved in it such as running, leaping, jumping, etc., which improves heart and lungs efficiency. Keeping the muscles of heart strong and saves it from any problem.
  • Mental stability – While playing one does not think of anything else and forgets all the tensions. This will improve the mental stability to take a decision in other fields as well.
  • Best workout – Within a span of around 45 minutes, the whole body gets a good workout which could be compared to 1 hour spent in the gym. So, the best way to workout.

Squash is one of the best game through which one can attain the fitness of whole body parts. Not only the body but the soul also get rid of stress and worries.

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