Difference Between Squash & Racquetball!

There are a lot of differences between squash and racquetball which fall into two categories.

Physical Difference Between Racquetball and Squash

  • Balls

In squash, a small soft “dead” ball is used whereas in racquetball a large hard bouncy ball is used.

  • Racquets

Because of the different balls used in both the sports, the racquets also differ as in racquetball a squat short-handled racquet is used, whereas in squash a long-handled racquet is used.

Racquetball racquet
Racquetball racquet
squash racquet
squash racquet
  • Courts

There is a difference in Courts of both the sports as the squash court is 1 ft wide and 10 feet shorter. Although the main court difference is in the rules. A ball is never considered “out” in the racquetball court whereas in a squash court the ball is considered “out” when it hits the very bottom of the front wall “the tin” and the ceiling, and above 15ft on the front wall and 7ft on the back wall.

How Squash & Racquetball is Played: The Difference

  • Techniques and Playing Style

Although the strategy of both sports is to control the center of the court, there are many differences when it comes to playing style and techniques.

In Racquetball, you can hit the ball harder until it bounces twice on the ground. You can hit the ceiling of the ball or the bottom of the wall whereas in squash hitting “the tin” and the ceiling is considered “out”.

In Squash, You need to vary your speed of shots and put the ball where it makes difficult to reach for the opponent whereas, in racquetball, the ball tends to come at you more often than not at a high speed.

Overall, Squash is a more demanding sport than racquetball as you need to move a lot to get to the ball.

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