How to Play Squash Alone for Beginners?

How to Play Squash Alone

It is a healthy habit to practice some sport, as it can be rejuvenating both for the body and the mind. Apart from imposing many healthy traits, some sports like squash can be a source of socialization and making new friends. But do you know? Many a time you may have to practice the sport alone and take it single-handedly, and this is true in the case of beginners. If you have ever been exposed to a situation where you have to practice your squash game alone, do not worry, it is indeed an interesting and fun way to play squash alone. It also helps you in enhancing your technical skills such as footwork, swing, quality of stroke, agility, etc. Let us get into the details of how to master squash all by yourself.

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Advantages of Playing Squash Alone

Playing the game alone, and practicing the strokes against the wall in your courtroom, is essential to master a few keystrokes. Trust me you can create and practice your signature strokes only when you partner up with the wall. Its key advantages are,

  • Playing alone is an excellent way to master your serves
  • You can enhance your footwork, quality of volleying and stroke techniques by managing the game alone
  • Most importantly, playing squash alone invites no distraction from the opponents.
  • It will truly help you in becoming a capable and competent player
  • It also helps in training your muscles in line with a specific stroke and also work on the weak zones.

Some Solo Squash Activities to Help You Master the Game

Practicing the game alone is an excellent way to learn for beginners as it renders a psychological comfort that no one else is watching them play. Plus, it gets them more attuned to the game. The following are some of the best activities that you can master while playing the game alone.

  1. Practice side to side strokes: Stand at the center of the court and strike the ball on the side walls with the forehand. Repeat the stroke to get it harder as it helps you to master the volleys.
  2. Forehand and backhand drive: Try diving the ball down the wall through backhand and forehand technique. While practicing, try and hit as tight as possible on the wall and deep into the corner. Repeat the drives to master your squash strokes.
  3. The figure of eight: This is the best solo squash practice strokes. Stand at the middle of the court and hit the ball high on the front wall, after it rebounds to you, try and hit it at the other side of the wall. Make an imaginary eight pattern between you, the ball and the wall. Harder, you practice figure of eight, smarter will be your volleys.
  4. The practice serves: Serves get better with a partner, but you can enhance the accuracy of the serves while you practice alone. Practice some lob serves and master your serving style.


Squash is one sport that you can master by playing alone. It is also a practical solution for those struggling to find play partners. Beginners can make use of the opportunity to play squash alone and master the techniques.


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