How to Prevent Injuries When Playing Table Tennis?

How to Prevent Injuries When Playing Table Tennis

With every game there is a risk involved in injury so does with the best of sports like table tennis. There are different types of injuries that could happen in table tennis. But the player can avoid it if proper precautions are being taken to reduce or stop that injury to happen.

  • Proper warm-up – If the person does proper warm-up before starting playing then it will reduce the chances of getting an injury. As the body is heated up, so there will be an adequate supply of oxygen all over the body. This will make the muscles warmer and strong enough to handle the toughness if any comes in the game. If the proper stretching and warm-up are not done then it could lead to the injury of muscles. With warm-up muscles become more flexible and even player could play well.
  • Control on diet – It is essential to have the nutrients in the body if one wants to be a good player. If the right nutrients get into the body then it will give strength to face any of the tough situations. The food which is having the source of calcium should be taken as it helps the player from having orthopaedics injury. Even the exercise would help a player only when the right nutrient is into the body otherwise it will lead to weakness.
  • Practice – If one does any work again and again without fail then the body gets adapted to it. So, the muscles would not react to it much when a bit more stretching is done on it. If the regular practice is not being done and suddenly any stretch on the muscles is given then it could pull the muscles and lead to injury. But with regular practice there are benefits such as the person gets equipped with the skill and other muscle do not get easily injured.
  • Do not bring water in the court – When the body is heated, there is an urge to drink the water. Mostly the player drinks the water at that time which is the biggest mistake a player could ever do. The body at that moment is heated and it could cause injury when something cold spills over it. It makes the muscles loosen up and within a few seconds even the player could faint off.
  • Avoid the game – It is always better to avoid the game when the person is not well. If any part of the body is not working fine then there are the chances that it would react when we start playing. At that time it is essential to go to the doctor and have the remedy for it. As lingering on with the health issues can create a problem.

If a player takes some of the precautions with a bit of care then it could be possible to avoid the injuries which could happen while playing table tennis. So, the safety of oneself is only in the hands of a player that how one treats their body and take care of it.

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