Why I'm Running

I am running for Land Commissioner because it is time for new leadership in Texas and I am qualified for the office. I represent regular folks in my law practice, as well as small and large companies who need a job done. I know business and I know people. Other than the love and support of my family, and the values learned growing up on a cattle ranch, I am self-made - nothing’s been handed to me. I will bring that approach to the General Land Office.

I am an attorney specializing in energy and natural resources and I am an outdoorsman. I will use my expertise to bring professionalism and pride to the General Land Office while protecting the land that we love.

My wife and I live in Central Texas where I am the Managing Shareholder of the Suazo Legal Group, PLLC, a tri-state business and energy law practice serving Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. My experience includes work as an energy attorney in Houston. My expertise also extends into policy, having previously served as a staff member to U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) who served on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. I am a graduate of Georgetown University and University of New Mexico School of Law.

Commissioner George P. Bush has failed to proactively protect Houston from storms like Hurricane Harvey, failed to protect Texas’s most prized historical site, the Alamo, and failed to stand-up for teachers across the state of Texas by generating the revenue they need to support Texas’s schools. Texas has been good to me - and so many others - but when I see the job George P. Bush is failing to do, I feel obligated to act.

Miguel Suazo