Many of us use guns for activities that we love but also worry about gun violence. I am a hunter and gun owner - and I believe that you can place reasonable restrictions on the acquisition and use of firearms. However, the debate over controlling guns quickly devolves into a debate over whether or not one “supports” or “opposes” the Second Amendment. This is a false choice. The truth is that you can support measures to decrease gun violence while also protecting the Second Amendment. Sutherland Springs teaches all Texans that action is required.

The gun safety debate isn’t about whether you can or cannot have guns, it’s about how we can all enjoy and be protected from guns without endangering ourselves and those around us. 
Those of us who have and use firearms have a duty to take the lead on promoting responsible gun use and ownership. 
I support:

  1. Requiring criminal background checks for prospective gun owners.
  2. Mandating reporting when guns are stolen.
  3. Allowing conceal and carry permits only for those who have completed safety training.
  4. Banning sales to those declared to be mentally ill.
  5. Childproof locks.
  6. A ban on assault weapons.
  7. Non-legislative engagement measures focused on helping communities discuss gun violence and identifying ways to limit it in ways that are unique to that particular community.

Simple measures like these can prevent the deaths of innocents that we have all witnessed. 

Miguel Suazo