Hurricane Harvey

We must do better to prepare our coastal cities from the impacts of future Hurricanes. As commissioner, not only will that job begin on day one, it will be my primary focus each day I am in office. Recovery requires not just working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Department of Homeland Security, but also leading in terms of coordinating broader and long-term recovery efforts. This can take years and sustained efforts to help the broader community is necessary.

I will use my leadership skills to put pressure on federal agencies charged with helping Texans recover from Harvey and fight to ensure that aid is not delayed.

I will work to help make sure that those who depend on things like Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) receive help from trained professionals who are bilingual so that long-term recovery efforts are not missed by those who depend upon assistance.

I will also be a leading voice for measures that will lead to less impactful floods in the future, such as building codes and redrawn flood plains. We know what the issues are the caused the devastation--I will be the voice of leadership that will keep people focused on doing better.

Most importantly, we must prepare for the next storm long before it strikes. I will be an agent for proactive government, not reactive government. For a fraction of the cost of recovery, we can implement protective measures that will limit the severity of the next storm’s impact.

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