Public Education

My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother were are all retired educators who ensured that I received the best early childhood education they could provide. My wife is also an educator and hearing her trials and tribulations each day has taught me that there is no group of people more dedicated to their profession while also in need of support from each one of us.

Focusing our efforts on ensuring that our public school system is as strong as possible is a moral duty that we all owe to each other. Without strong public schools, our society is eroded and damaged.

I oppose taxpayer dollars being spent on private schools because we need to focus our financial resources on making sure that our public schools and the teachers who work in them have as much support as possible.  

I support funding early childhood education and providing parent trainings from birth until kindergarten so that certain parents learn how to provide the basic support that is critical for young children.

I support keeping and recruiting highly effective educators in the profession and supporting their development and raising their compensation.

The Land Commissioner is charged with leasing state lands for the purpose of raising dollars for to support education in Texas. I negotiate oil and gas leases for a living and I am able to bring that experience to the office and help ensure that this critical job supports education in Texas.

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