Remembering the Alamo

The Alamo and the battle that occurred there is the keystone of Texas’s history. Texans should be proud and excited about the effort to preserve and protect the Alamo and instead, Commissioner Bush has, through incompetence, created uncertainty and division.  Texans need a new and competent leader to defend the Alamo.

My plan to Remember the Alamo is as follows:

  • All of the names of the fallen will be added to the Cenotaph, including the Tejanos and lone African American who perished in the battle.
  • The Cenotaph will remain where it is today.
  • I will negotiate an agreement with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas for the management of the Alamo yet ensure that final authority over the Alamo rests with the Land Commissioner. I will only utilize a non-profit to raise funds to support the Alamo.
  • I will ensure that those selected to restore and preserve the Alamo do not have any conflicts of interest and that they are qualified and capable of doing the important work necessary to protect and preserve the Alamo
  • I will ensure that the entire history of the Alamo (from the mission days to the present) is told but that the starting place for relaying that history to Texans and tourists begins with 1836 because that is the most well-recognized event.

Finally, the difference between the Alamo and monuments in Washington, DC like the Vietnam Memorial, is that the Vietnam Memorial is a monument to history whereas the Alamo is a monument of history. Therefore, the Alamo must be a place of somber reflection and simultaneously a preserved historical landmark worthy of the reverence its history demands. Some streets should be closed, traffic re-directed so that the area takes on an element of tranquility, and that tourist attractions be placed away from the Alamo so that the environment is somber and less commercial in nature.

IssuesMiguel Suazo