Storm Preparation and Recovery

Texas’s leaders have failed to prepare our state for storms that inevitably strike. It’s not acceptable to blame the federal government for slow relief when disaster strikes.

We must proactively prepare and constantly maintain focus on the tasks that will ensure that we are never as badly impacted by hurricanes in the future. I am the candidate with the drive and tenacity to keep storm preparation at the forefront of our leaders thoughts and on the minds of our fellow Texans. My broad proposal for disaster preparedness and recovery is as follows:

Getting People the Help they Need When They Need It:

  • With other elected officials, negotiate with the federal government to ensure that state-funds deployed to help Texans recover from storms will be reimbursed 100%.

  • Ensure that the GLO has staff trained to quickly assemble information and submit plans to the federal government so that federal dollars reach Texans quickly.

  • Work with the legislature to make the GLO administered housing programs more robust so that Texans are made whole after disaster strikes. Texans shouldn’t have to wait on the federal government.

  • Establish local temporary offices with staff trained in local, state, and federal disaster resource programs to help people navigate the bureaucracy that surrounds government programs.

Keeping the Focus on Disaster Preparation

  • Identify the large-scale projects that will mitigate storm impact, assemble a team of champions to pursue securing funding for those projects, and take the lead for all Texans on completing these projects.

  • Conduct monthly press conferences to provide information on progress made on disaster recovery measures.

  • Work to ensure temporary and permanent housing solutions are more readily accessible, e.g. 3-D printed houses and other mobile shelters.

  • Speak out to local governments and elected officials about building codes and water management solutions and work with them on ways to implement these measures.

  • Work on developing drills with the Texas Department of Public Safety so that there is a connection between saving lives and getting people the short, medium, and long-term assistance they need.

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