5 Common Beginner Mistakes in Table Tennis

Common Beginner Mistakes in Table Tennis

Whenever anyone starts something new, then there are many mistakes which one does before reaching perfection. Similarly, the player commits many mistakes when they begin their journey in any sports. One of the sports, Table tennis is where there are many mistakes done by the beginners but few can be taken care of if there is awareness among them regarding it.

Top 5 Mistakes Beginners Make in Table Tennis

  • Not aware of the rules and regulations

When a person enters into anything new, then at that time it might happen the person is not fully aware of the rules. So, in this when the player enters into this they might not be aware of all the rules and regulations of the game. But it could be dangerous for them as it could make them pay with the winning of a game.

It is the responsibility of every new player or the beginners who are entering the game should take all information about its rules and regulations.

  • Not practicing regularly

To become equipped with any of the work it is utmost necessary that one should practice it. When it comes to excelling in table tennis then it becomes more essential to practice. The more the player practice its skills will develop and strengthen with it. With regularly practicing a person learns about its weaknesses as well as new tricks that would make one a better player.

No matter how much a person is busy, one should take time out for practice. This will improve their game and make it easy for a person to achieve what one wants.

  • Holding the bat wrongly

This is the most important thing which any player should know if one wants to win the match. There are many players who started playing but do not have the right knowledge that how to hold the bat in the right manner. It is important that the placing of fingers on its handle so that bat could move freely.

The player can learn how to hold a bat from their coaches or can learn it with an observation from the games played by the other professionals.

  • Control on speed

When the new player started playing table tennis then their main focus is on speed rather than working on the skills. Making the skills and techniques more equipped. If they do not focus on the skills instead of speed then there will be a lot of mistakes which could make it difficult for them to attain a position.

A player should first focus on the skills then they should go for speed. This will reduce the chances of error while playing.

  • Do not work on plans

To succeed in anything it is necessary that a person should work on the plans and strategies that how to achieve it. It will help them to win the game from a professional player.

Best to concentrate fully on the game and to understand the weaknesses. After this making strategy and plans how many hours need to rectify as well as working on it.

If the player makes full concentration on the game and not to do the common mistakes then one will achieve a lot in the professional career. It will help them to move towards a higher level with their polished skills.


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