Top 10 Squash Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Squash Tips for Beginners

Different sports are being played by different people around every corner of the world. Squash is a game that is getting more popular with the passing time and it helps the person to have physical as well as mental fitness. But to build a strong foundation in any game it is necessary to work hard on it. There are many things which squash player needs to take care while playing.

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10 Tips for Beginner Squash Players

  • Do stretching – Before going to the court for playing it is necessary to do stretching of the body. There is a lot of motion involved in it while playing so the muscles must be fully warm so that there are fewer or no chances of getting a sprain.
  • An adequate amount of water – While playing a lot of sweat comes out and therefore it is equally necessary to replace the same with water so that the body remains hydrated. It will reduce the injuries related to muscles.
  • Focus on T – The player needs to focus on the T as the game is control through it only. In this, the player needs to be in their T or home only. If the player is their T then it would be difficult for the other user to get into it.
  • Concentrate on the ball – It is important to have full focus on the ball and not on anything else or keep anything in the mind. As in a flash of the second ball could be missed and can give a chance for the opponent to win.
  • Maintain calmness – For anything to achieve it is necessary to be calm. If any ball is being missed then do not think about it and focus on the ball at present. Otherwise, one can miss the shot.
  • Practice a lot – It is not the game that could be learned within a few seconds and need a lot of practice to acquire as well as polish the skills. With only practice, the player could work on its weaker areas.
  • Distance from the ball – If the player gets too close with the ball then there are lesser options to play it. So, a distance is necessary to swing the racket freely on a ball.
  • Positive attitude – There are many things that a player needs to face while playing. So, if the player has a positive attitude towards everything then it would not affect the player if one loses or has any other setback. This will reflect in their game soon or later.
  • Workouts – To maintain a body the player must do it is necessary for the player to do regular exercises in gym or training on own. This will keep their core strength and stability better which is necessary while playing.
  • Control over the pace – Depending on the ball coming from the other side it is necessary that the player changes its pace. Even the player should know how to change the game from slower to faster and then slower again.

While playing there are different things which a player would learn but it is necessary to be aware of some essential tips for every player to play. If these are kept in mind then it could make anyone a proficient player.

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