Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Tips to Improve Your Table Tennis Game

When a player plays then there are many mistakes which one does while playing. So, the player needs to be focused on the mistakes and how to improve their skills in the game. Table Tennis is one of such games that are being played by many, but one needs to work hard on it to improve by adopting various tips.

10 Tips to Improve as Ping Pong Player

  • Right footwear – It is the utmost necessity to have the right footwear otherwise the player could slip on the floor while playing. But the gripping should be adequate, even too much of gripping will not the player move freely.
  • Do not hold the tennis bat too tight – Whenever anything is being held tightly then it will not allow the movement properly. So, if the bat is held tightly then it will not allow the wrist or arm to move for different strokes easily.
  • Proximity with the table – If the table is too close then it would make it difficult for the player to play on the ball which is close to standing. If there would be distance then it would be easy to step back a bit and play.
  • Personal towel – In this game, a lot of sweat comes to the player while playing. If that sweat falls on the ground near the place where the player is playing then there are chances that the player could fall off.
  • Backhand shot – Mostly the player could easily play the forehand shot, but a lot of practice is required for playing the backhand shot. The players who are proficient have the capability of playing with both hands, so it should be practiced which makes them equipped to face any challenge while playing.
  • Serving – It is the most important part of playing and if the player is not equipped in it, then it might make him lose the game. The player can have their tactics for serving which could make them win.
  • Hitting right on the bat – It is best to hit a ball on the sweet spot of the bat as the ball does not bounce off as compared to the ball which is hit on the outer edges of the bat. The bats with good quality have the larger sweet spots.
  • Coordination of the foot – It is not the game of standing still, so a person needs to move frequently in a certain area. The movement of foot and coordination among them is necessary to be active and not to miss any shot.
  • Good physic – It is important to have the right physic and for these workouts are essential. The person should be physically fit and not lazy in movements. The player should have the stamina which would help to let them play during tiredness even.
  • Without pressure – When the points of a player go down it makes pressure on the mind of a player. This pressure could not let the player win the match so, the complete focus is on playing and winning without thinking of anything else.

It is one of the complicated sports and lots of practice is required to be proficient in it. If the user keeps important tips in mind while practicing then it would not be far when they become a good player.


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