Top Indoor Sports for Fitness

Top Indoor Sports for Fitness
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Fitness has become an essential part of people’s life these days as awareness has increased, hence more and more people are looking for ways to stay fit & healthy.

Some of those adopt sports whereas some go for gym or Crossfit. Although all the methods work best, for me, sports has always been my way to stay healthy.

I do play a lot of sports, some for fun, some for health, so I will be suggesting a few names which certainly can be the best option if you want to start playing.

Top 3 Indoor Sports for Fitness


Badminton has to be listed at the top as it involves a lot of physical activity while giving players a lot of joy.

If you play badminton for an hour you can burn around 480 calories which is a big amount and as compared to all other sports, badminton ranks at the top.

480 Calories/Hour means you can lose up to 4kg each month and can improve on your fitness at an extreme pace.


Another sport that burns a lot of calories. If you play squash for an hour or so, you can burn 600-1200 calories depending on your body weight.

The amount of calories burnt in squash is big, so you will get fitter very quickly, although it is advised to take a good diet and squash involves extreme physical activity.


Some people confuse racquetball with squash, but there are a lot of differences, you can check them out before choosing one of these sports.

One thing that is similar between squash and racquetball is, the number of calories you burn when you play it for an hour or so. You can burn 500 to 1000 calories depending on your weight.

Will You Start Playing?

So, which indoor sport you think will be best suited to you and your fitness goals. Personally, I love all three sports as they give me a chance to evolve and stay both mentally and physically fit. You can follow my footsteps and start achieving your fitness goals.

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