10 Reasons Why Baseball is Better than Football

Why Baseball is Better than Football

With time there are various games that came into existence such as football, basketball, and many others. Still, the old games which are being played since long have not loosened the impact like that of baseball. If the comparison happens between baseball and football, then baseball is always being considered better.

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Why Baseball is Better than Football?

  • Continuous game – In Baseball the players do not stop for any break, stops or any clock where the game should take a pause like in football. After some time there is a break in football and after that game starts again.
  • Injury – While playing football there are times when a person could get serious injuries as the game hits various places such as heat which is the most sensitive part. While in baseball the chances of injury are almost nil.
  • Earn love – It is very easy in football to go and prove yourself within a match. If one proved oneself even in a single match there will be an impact on the fans. But with baseball to have an impact on fans is by proving oneself in different matches.
  • More matches – It more likely that in a week, football match happens. While in baseball the players’ player on each day during the season. So, more the matches more will be an interest of a person watching have in the match.
  • Glory for the team – In football only one of the players gets the glory of winning the match. But in baseball, the glory of winning the match is being shared by the team which creates a team spirit among them.
  • Experience of watching – Football is mostly played during the cold weather. Though baseball is being played during summer or spring. During hot season watching the game with cold drink gives a different experience of watching the game.
  • Skills – In football, the players play either from the offence or from the defence. But in baseball, the player needs to swing the bat of baseball as well as catches with the help of their gloves and maintain their position as well. So they need to be versatile with the things.
  • Plays daily – In football mostly the games are being played on Sundays or maximum Monday nights. But in baseball, it is being played almost every day throughout the week. So the fans enjoy it every day.
  • Longer schedule – In football there are restricted number of games, only 18 weeks that is around 16 games per team which would happen during the league. In Baseball the schedules are from April to end of September with around 162 games per team.
  • More commercials – With the time there are more commercials in the football game which takes away the interest in the game. While during the baseball games there are not much of commercials which makes more of interest in the game.

Though football has been liked by many people who have a keen interest in different sports. But the interest and excitement one can get by watching the baseball match could not be possible with any other sports.

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